Just the Crusts

The visual diary of Oliver Ballon. Off cuts from the day to day. All images are my own.
I really need to not sit on stuff for fucking ever and just put it out there.
Type type, type typppepyyp ttyypepepe tpypypypepeptppepe.This ^ is what text looks like to me after a while.
Time spent wasted…..etc etc…
The colour-way I would have put it in had they sold the right coloured paper.
Start of a project, G H O
Rent & Ice Cream- Website                            - Facebook                            - Twitter-@rentandicecream
Didn’t quite come out how I wanted, just a string of various accidents.
So I got a rubber stamp kit. It’s been productive.
Idea I’ve had floating around far too long. Might get some actual signs made up to sell.
Custom type.
More on this soon.
Kind of sick of modern hip hop culture, smoke weed get money etc.
Change it up a bit.
Creating letters with sugar.