Just the Crusts

The visual diary of Oliver Ballon. Off cuts from the day to day. All images are my own.
I really need to not sit on stuff for fucking ever and just put it out there.
Universality II.
One of two images of me available on the internet. Ignore the empty cookie/cheese puffs packets. Lots of love for Uncorporate Identity and Colors’ protest issue though.
Type type, type typppepyyp ttyypepepe tpypypypepeptppepe.This ^ is what text looks like to me after a while.

An Almost Near Miss (almostnearmiss) on Twitter

Start of a project, G H O
Rent & Ice Cream- Website                            - Facebook                            - Twitter-@rentandicecream
Didn’t quite come out how I wanted, just a string of various accidents.

Rent & Ice Cream

A new project I am working on with a writer, a mix of essay and accompanying images.

Find us at the link above or Here and Here.